FBA pilot programme for international selling

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Frequently Asked Questions

Amazon wants to help you grow your sales across Europe. Under this new pilot programme, Amazon may purchase your products at your offer price on Amazon.fr and potentially sell them on Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.de, Amazon.it, and Amazon.es. If Amazon purchases your inventory, your experience will be nearly identical to a domestic sale using Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).

This pilot programme is designed for our FBA sellers. If you are an FBA seller and wish to participate in this pilot, to be considered, please complete the following minimum requirements:

  • Please add your VAT number for your domestic marketplace in Seller Central.
  • Please make sure your product catalog is current.
  • If you have inventory in more than one marketplace, please update your VAT number for each country in which you have inventory.

Please note, there may be additional requirements for you to be considered for this pilot besides the steps listed above. If you become eligible for this pilot, you will be notified by an introductory email. Currently, sellers are not able to apply proactively for the programme.

Amazon strives to provide the best possible solutions for you to grow your sales across Europe. To increase visibility of your selection and help boost your sales, we are piloting this new programme where we may purchase your products at your offer price in your local marketplace and sell them on other marketplaces.

As a seller, your experience will be similar to any domestic FBA order:

  • Pricing – We will purchase the items at your local offer price.
  • Shipping – You do not have to ship any units for these orders. Units will be purchased from the available stock in your local marketplace fulfillment center.
  • Ordering – On the Manage Your Orders page, for orders in which Amazon is the customer, the shipping address will be that of Amazon in your local marketplace.
You will remain responsible for any VAT obligations you currently have in any applicable country and marketplace you might be selling in. The only change to your experience with this pilot programme will be related to invoicing. At the end of every month, for all orders we purchase, we will email you the respective VAT invoices that we generate on your behalf. You are responsible for keeping a record of the self-billed invoices that we provide as you would for any other invoice that you issue yourself. You are also responsible for the filing of the relevant returns with local tax authorities.
The self-billed invoices generated by Amazon will be made available to you by email once a month, within the first 10 days of the month, covering the transactions that took place in the preceding month. Your payment process will remain identical to your regular domestic transactions.
There are no additional fees to be part of this programme at this time. We will purchase inventory from you at your local marketplace offer price and charge you standard marketplace fees.
Once you have been enrolled in the pilot, you may opt-out anytime. You will receive details over email about the opt-out process after enrollment.
Have more questions? Please contact Seller Support to learn more.